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Activities & Ecosystems

Socio-ecological systems are characterized by complex inter-dependencies, feedback loops, dynamic trajectories, thresholds and tipping points. We employ the most advanced scientific models to help you design ecosystem-friendly project activities and better calibrate your portfolio.


Your decisions are very important as they shape our trajectory towards a sustainable or unsustainable future, no matter how ‘big’ or ‘small’ they may look. We offer a wide range of decision-support tools that can assist you in making smarter choices for you, the people and planet.


Every action we take leaves a footprint at multiple levels and scales. This impact often goes well beyond the site of intervention and concerns many stakeholders. Our integrated assessment system helps you avoid unintended damage, minimize negative effects, and focus on positive ones.

Sustainable finance

Transitioning to a sustainable future requires large public and private capital. Every cent counts. We develop innovative de-risking solutions and precision instruments to better monitor sustainability performance and help you leverage the highest financial and reputational value from your investment.

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